Packing Tips for Your Upcoming Move

When sorting for a move, you may find it difficult to make packing decisions. You know it’s impractical to take all the clutter you’ve gathered over the years, but how do you know you won’t want to use something yet again at the other end? How do you set a priority on what to take with you?

Further, how do you wade through the emotions that surface as you sort your household? Deciding on what to keep and what to give away can become the most time consuming and energy-draining part of moving.

Getting a head start on the sorting process is a good idea. If you aren’t quite ready to part with things in round one, you may be better prepared in round two.

To get started on the sorting process, here are a few guidelines to bear in mind:

  • Pack for the New Home:  If the new home is larger than the one you’re moving from, you can take most of your items. If the new home is smaller, you will have to face the facts and cut down your inventory.


  • Pack for the New Decor: If you’ve already chosen your new home, part with items you know won’t fit into the new place, won’t match the new décor, or that won’t fit into your future storage area.


  • Give Yourself Permission:  Give yourself permission to keep a few items that are close to your heart or that will make your new location feel homey.


  • Pace Yourself:  Moving is a high-stress activity. Rather than getting too worked up, take your time.


  • Face Your Emotions: It’s normal and human to feel sentimental. Let yourself cry when you need to. Laugh a little too.


  • Postpone Disposal: If you can’t bear to part with some items, take them with you. You may be more ready to pass them on in the future.


  • Pack with a Helper:  Professional organizers suggest if a person touches an item, an emotional attachment is reinforced delaying decision-making. Have someone else hold up the items while you instruct them.


  • Pack with Priority:  Pack items you rarely use in appropriate long-term storage containers. Pack everyday items together in well-marked boxes for quick unpacking at the other end.


Don’t wait until the same week as your move to start packing. Once moving day draws closer, you will have other priorities to attend to. Start sorting and packing for your move early, taking one wise step at a time.

If you don’t want to take all things with you and you need a self storage, look into MakeSpace.

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